Aversion to collectivism is not rational

I will admit that the title is clickbait but don’t close out just yet. I’m sure you have a busy day of raging against the man for banning weed and taxing you. Please take sometime to read this stream of thought that is currently sitting on your browser at this very moment. I’ve seen this in other political views as well. But I’ll just pick on libertarians for now.

When I was a libertarian the “you didn’t build that” mentality was something that I heard constantly. “Why are you taking pride in something you did not do?” said the libertarian. But I hope even the most atomistic among you wouldn’t signal against being proud of the accomplishments of your offspring. We all know the famous Doug Stanhope quote “Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you had no part in.”

But here’s the issue with Mr.Stanhope’s opinion about taking pride in your nation. It can be applied to anything. Like your friends , family , favorite sports team , hometown , and so on. The nation is an extension of the community which is an extension of the family. Humans are very communal like other primates. The argument against taking pride in your people’s accomplishment assumes that every opinion must be a rational one.

Love for your significant other is not rational. Love is a reaction that helps two beings commit to each other. Humans only gave this interesting neurological reaction a name. But from the point of the libertarians I used to be around. Shouldn’t love be signaled against as well? I mean it clearly isn’t rational but we can rationalize our love for something.

So what is it about groups that is so bad? Is it the potential for social ostracism for unacceptable behavior? Is it the group loyalty? It seems to me that the people that are so individualistic that caring about your group is wrong are suffering from what I like to call “perpetual outcast syndrome”.

Libertarians believe that the ideal society is one where the market provides and the government does not exist. I have addressed this in The amoral market and The need for hierarchy among humans . So I won’t go into too much deal about that here. But collectivism is actually more natural to humans than what libertarians desire. Humans have a loyalty to their families and their communities. If they have a healthy mindset.

So you’re probably asking me what the best system of organization is in my personal opinion? Well, if I want to troll I’d say a return to tribalism. But a more modern and efficient version of that system exists. The system that I am talking about is monarchism.

Yes, you read that correctly. Humans tend to deify the most influential among them. Celebrities, E-celebrities , Politicians , Religious leaders , and so on. Humans also tend to be loyal to a community. So if you want to unify a nation what do you do? Triggering the familial instinct and having a healthy religious environment to promote family values will do the trick.

Humans are naturally loyal to their parents. A king and queen are the country’s parents in a way. So humans will develop a sense of loyalty to a just monarch.The country belongs to the royal family which means they will look after a lot better than a elected official. One administration will leave a mess for the next one. A king will do his best to leave it in a good state for the heir. Of course, I’m not claiming that there are bad monarchs. But if you own a game controller. Are you going to let it get covered with cheeto dust and other junk?

Religion is more important to the stability of a community than atheists and anti-theists give it credit for. Religious people are happier and breed more . Will a community of sad people that have very few children be viable for long? No it will not and this is something that politicians and businessmen are keenly aware of. So since you were too busy to reproduce . The government will have to lower restriction on immigration in order to keep the nation viable. Businessmen will make the area attractive for financial reasons. But whatever was unique about that nation will eventually be replaced by a materialistic culture that will eventually be replaced by the culture of a new group.

Religion is a wonderful piece of social technology and civilization needs it. So that it can remain viable. When i say collectivism what I am really referring to is communities and traditionalism. The collectivism of Mao and Stalin is abhorrent. In-group loyalty is natural and therefore it is necessary. It’s time for humans to accept what is natural. So that we may conquer the stars one day. A healthy traditional galactic humanity leaving it’s mark on everything it can grasp.



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