Marital infidelity reimbursement

Viewing marriage as just a contract is something that is taboo in some circles. But viewing it that way gives a interesting perspective on divorce. From what i know courts do not reimburse the spouse that is betrayed.

Marriage and family formation is the logical result of dating or courtship. The pair forms a bond that they hope will last a lifetime. So if spouse A sleeps with another person that leads to the end of the relationship and spouse B has to deal with the emotional damage.

Spouse B may have trouble with forming healthy relationships in the future. So by treating marriage like a business deal. Breaking the terms of the deal should require that the offending party pay for what they did.

While some may dislike like this view of marriage because it’s not from a more spiritual or romantic worldview. I’m essentially stripping marriage of it’s beauty in order to make the argument that promiscuous behavior should be discouraged financially . Augustus punished adulterers by killing or exiling them. His punishments are far more extreme than what i am suggesting. Here is an article about the reforms of Augustus.

I just realized recently that my blogspot is on Anti-Puritan’s The Highly Excessive Guide to the Dissident Right . His content is quite good. The blogspot is the same as my wordpress except the aesthetic is a lot nicer.




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