The amoral market

Capitalism is criticized by many for being unfair to the working class. But these arguments generally are purely based in economics. A more legitimate way of criticizing the capitalist is it’s affects on the culture of a nation.

The market does not have a sense of right and wrong. The invisible hand responds to demand. It does not care if that thing is good or bad for the society. As you know the market can sell ideas just like it does products. Marketing , journalism , entertainment , and education are industries dedicated to ideas.

The 1960’s revolution got plenty of air time and it’s affect are still felt today. Free love or hookup culture was the baby of 60’s revolutionaries rebelling against the morals of their predecessors. Finding a girl and settling down wasn’t hip. Casual sex with no consequences was. Live free and fuck whoever you want.

Various intellectuals have pointed out that welfare has encouraged social dysfunction. I think Thomas Sowell was one of the people that made that point. But the role that capitalism played shouldn’t be ignored or understated.

The idea of free love has eroded trust between the two sexes. Casual sex , polyamory , and serial monogamy are currently what is left as options. Pair bonding is harder to do with every new partner you have. Hedonism permeates through the culture today. The culture of free love is degrading for both sexes because you are reducing humans to their primal urges.

The pursuit of easy sex and a good career has negatively impacted the birth rate of western nations. Having a good career isn’t wrong but it does have it’s role when a person is motivated by money and sex. Corporations don’t really care about communities . What matters to them is profits. So if the birth rate is down then they can just lobby the government to get immigration increased. Warm bodies for profits and employment.

Since the market has no moral compass another issue is it’s affects on small business. Corporations take profits away from the community. This is an undeniable fact . Why would you go to a local clothing store when Walmart will sell you a shirt for a lower price? That dollar that would’ve helped the small business and the community. Goes to a corporation with a huge war chest that gets fatter and fatter. A strong corporation will run small businesses out of the market. People shop local because they know the money goes back into the community. A corporation has no loyalties to anyone except for shareholders.

Capitalism is an efficient system that lacks loyalty to the community and it’s culture. It has little regard for the traditions of one nation. It’s only about maximizing profit. Nations should not be great big shopping malls that go from one coast to another.


Birth rates from 1960 to 2014 .

An alternative .



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