Quakers are the precursor to the modern liberal attitude. Everything you hear from the modern leftist can be traced back to both quakers and puritans. The witch hunts , fanaticism, and opinion policing of the puritans can be seen in your modern adherent to social justice. But the social attitudes of liberals come from the quakers .

Quakers believed all people were equal and everyone goes to heaven. The participation trophy mentality is basically their creation. From a secular liberal standpoint this can be taken as humans have no differences and can achieve anything that anyone else can.

You’ll see the quaker-purtian synthesis come out of them when you start to argue that groups , and individuals are inherently different. They’ll be repulsed and immediately go into the “How can you say that?” mindset because you challenged the cathedral’s notion of equality that the person is used to.

Pointing out differences between the sexes , cultures, and so on is a good way to get shouted out of polite society. Even if you don’t have a sense of superiority. But the fact that you were curious enough to look is problematic. Tribesmen that differ from the tribe on something get exiled. Group think weeds out members that might cause trouble for the group.



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  1. Not sure why you emphasize the Quakers. How are they so very different from all the other Protestant sects, which also believe in spiritual equality before the Divine? All of Christendom, for that matter. This is one of the most perplexing aspects of the present crisis of the West. At the heart of the Western ethos is the concept of spiritual equality; and, yes, the liberal notions of social equality can be confidently traced back to these Christian ideals. This doctrine of Equality, in all its forms, has become a suicidal doctrine for the West. Once applied to the non-Western peoples, it mutates into a self-destructive world-conception. I understand and can sympathize with those that view Christianity as the very cause of the present crisis. I find myself in a dilemma, since I have my own inclinations toward a particular Christian world-view.


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