Update #1 : I was cited in a hit piece on the tumblr right wing community.

Recently, I was cited in a piece published at Vice’s tech blog “Motherboard”. Documenting the rise of right wing politics on tumblr. Attempting to make us all look like scary monsters that traveled 70+ years into the future to subvert a predominantly liberal social media platform.

I’m going to focus on her depiction of me. She paints my intellectual honesty regarding the concept of fascism as something dark and unacceptable. It’s a shame that people are so filled up with ideological bias that they are unwillingly to actually learn from the ideology. But what can i expect from a journalist in the current year?

2016 revealed them for what they are. Writers motivated by ideology and money alone. I won’t deny my own bias. But at least i don’t contribute to the already tarnished name of journalism. Maybe journalism will be made great again one day. Anything is possible.

Next let’s talk about her issue with my anti anarchism and anti egalitarian post. She puts “natural” in front of hierarchy as a way to imply that hierarchy doesn’t arise on it’s own. A little observation in your daily life or a conversation with a scientist would confirm that hierarchy is natural.

In my article , The need for hierarchy among humans . I pointed out that groups and individuals have innate differences that could lead to conflict. I didn’t make an argument for supremacy but let’s pretend that i did for a second. I’ll set the scene for you.

The year is 2017 and you are looking at two competing cultures. One allows female genital mutilation and child marriage. The other culture is opposed to both of those practices. Which one is better?

In that article, I said that humans were different and that’s okay. Really scary stuff right? I shouldn’t expect a journalist to represent my work in an honest way though. Also this meme of everything that is to the right of center is fascism is quite silly and dishonest.

The article: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/tumblr-is-the-unlikely-platform-for-alt-right-infighting


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