The clash of the gods is a perfect time to create new societal structures

The beginning of the Trump-Farage era began last year and the old order is not taking this well. They’ve taken to the media and the street to let their displeasure be felt by those that have took control of one of the major powers in society. The media , and academia is still firmly in the hands of the left. But the established media is losing sway with the typical american. Terms like “fake news” and “lying press” are common in discussions online.

The new populist gods are clashing with the old globalist titans. Two successful blows have been dealt to their order. Two major anglosphere nations have spat in the face of the elites that have dictated the rules for so long.

The true believers of the old order are destroying property and assaulting members of the new faith. DisruptJ20, the Berkley riots, and the riot at the Chicago trump rally awhile back are pretty good examples of this.

This is a good time for right wing groups to create healthy traditional societal structures for the disenfranchised to consider as the true believers clash with those that have embrace the new faith.

Authority comes from legitimacy. You need a good reputation , and influence within the cathedral ( Media , Academia , Religion). So if you belong to a political movement moving into to a city or town and forming an alternative community would be the first step. Do charitable activities and get involved with the local church. Don’t be too explicit about your views right away. You can admit to being right wing and somewhat traditional. Explicitly stating that you are conservatives or nationalists or monarchists might repel people.

Create and distribute media promoting your values once the community views you positively.Go to town hall and pta meetings as often as possible. It’s important to get your views exposed to people in power.

If the town you are in is atomised and lacks a communal sense. Advocating for mutual aid and a degree of autarky might be beneficial. I talked about that in Mutual aid and the Right . and Communal self sufficiency policy . I don’t believe that mutual aid can replace capitalism but it can help with certain issues. In order to combat the chaos of the modern world , certain aspects of the past must be embraced.

I redesigned my blogspot that has a translate button.


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