Does NY have two cultural identities?

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. New York is a state that is united by the laws of this nation and nothing more. I do not believe that his state could stay together if it was an independent nation.

Upstate new yorkers are typically pro gun and more conservative. Attachment to the land is still pretty common up here. Which is why Donald Trump was an obvious pick for northern counties. Patriotism and immigration skepticism is definitely still alive in the north.

Just to clarify what my dividing line is . Everything south of Saratoga county is downstate as far as I’m concerned. NYC’s politics and cosmopolitan values permeate through the entire state but it’s more notable the closer you get to that city.

That city has a stranglehold on the rest of the state thanks to it’s large population . For a northern new yorker, it’s rarely worth it to actually vote. You’re apart of the ignored class of society. You know that new york city will dominate the conversation.

Common core and the NY safe act are vehemently opposed by many in the north. Even though there isn’t really much of a shot in seeing those laws repealed. I think there is a case for separation or at least a decentralized policy that gives upstate new york more autonomy.

I redesigned my blogspot that has a translate button.


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