An honest look at fascism

I’ve been reading the works of Sir Oswald Mosley , and Benito  Mussolini from a book that is a collection of essays. I might do a follow up post on Alfredo Rocco and Giovanni Gentile at some point. There are a few insights so far that would be beneficial to right-wing movements.

I will be using trumpism as an example because there is some overlap with fascism in this sense. In Mosley’s ideology of fascism , He talks about a will to action. Will to action is an idea followed up by a feeling that eventually leads to an act. The idea of making America great again and running a campaign on it fits this concept perfectly. Preaching your views with little or no action is disastrous.

Neo-reactionaries have suggested passivism as a strategy for achieving goals. A link that explains what passivism is will be at the bottom of the page.  I personally think leafleting and running a candidate occasionally would also push things in the right direction. But passivism is my preferred method for achieving change.

The fascist concept of the state is the nation and the nation is the state does make sense. The state is the means by which a people express themselves to the world. Your family belongs to a community which belongs to a nation. The state in not a separate entity because there is no nation without this uniting force.

The one issue with the fascist conception of the state is that it could eventually go beyond high in-group preference and create a hivemind like trait in the people of the nation. This would need to be addressed.

In Benito’s political and social doctrine , He talks about neighbors and affection. A fascist loves his neighbor and is willing to help them but altruism is never universal. “America First” definitely echoes this statement from Mussolini. But putting your people first isn’t an exclusively fascist sentiment. It’s something that dates back to the early days of human existence. Only in recent history has this been seen as fascistic .

The lessons that the right wing in the modern day should take from fascism is that in-group loyalty is necessary for the stability of a nation and that an idea isn’t enough.

The book that i am currently halfway through can be purchased here :



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