Class conflict viewed from the Right

Class conflict has been a subject of discussion on the left for a very long time. Class conflict is when two groups have competing socioeconomic interests that leads to violence or some sort of political action.

But there is an important reason why it happens. The lower class has adopted the values of the modern higher class and they realize that they lack the property that matches these values.  The flashy items and the do what i want lifestyle .

The common folk eventually realize that they can’t live this way. Some will reluctantly accept this fact and others will not. The more industrious ones will find a way to ascend the ladder to become a member of the upper crust. But most will become envious and demand that they be given what the privileged enjoy.

The cultural side effects of the French revolution and the American experiment are to blame for this. At least to a certain point. Some of the blame rests on the people that take an unrealistic view of what they are capable of. A human can achieve great things but there are limits on all of us.

The concept of equality or egalitarianism states that all people are equal and therefore interchangeable. The typical assumption is that there is a grand universalist society that can be achieved as long as the right views are pushed. However this is quite absurd because humans are inherently different from one another. Some are ugly and others are cute. Some are fast and others are slow. You get where I am going with this. Human beings are different and that’s okay.

A return to a more traditional culture would be beneficial for families and society in general. A sense of community is lacking in the current year. The idea that everyone has to be mister moneybags with the rolls royce in his garage is unhealthy.


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