Subtle authoritarianism

I had originally planned for this piece to come out on inauguration day but it slipped my mind. Racial and ideological relations are in the red . The best solution would be balkanization or at the very least California becoming independent. But the likely solution is a subtle but authoritarian one.

A friend of mine that writes for the counter revolution once pointed out to me my shift toward authoritarian views. When i had suggested that the state be a masculine one. This is relevant to the ideologically inspired riots of 2016 and 2017. I suggested that the state promote itself in a way that intimidates lefty men and causes unfeminist thoughts in women.

As a means to discourage revolutionary activity. Trump will have to deal with the anarcho tyranny of feckless feds , illegal immigration , and hipster revolutionaries. A strong but subtle propaganda machine might be beneficial for suppressing violent activity and reviving a more traditional society.

The  united states is large , divided , and in debt . The ideologically invested members of the left will continue to agitate against Donald Trump and his civic nationalism. Russia has a diverse population but they seem to have a lot less of an issue. Thanks to their more traditional attitudes towards government and culture.

The media and academia is strongly behind the hipster revolutionary in streets that falsely believes that he is the underdog fighting the system. When in reality he is just the hall monitor for those that truly hold control over society. Media , academia , finance , and liberal christianity have more sway than a republican dominant state. The republicans in our current democratic system will eventually lose control. Democratic power gets traded off regularly.

A neoreactionary writer talked about Donald Trump’s connection to moldbug through peter thiel. Many have asked why so many cabinet members are businessmen and ex military. It could be that this administration is a test run for a neocameralist state. I’m personally hoping for a mixture of monarchism and neocameralism. Who knows what the future holds for the nation.

Counter revolution: 

Atavisionary :


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