Two Catholic heresies as a means to undermine the cathedral

I was playing Crusader kings 2 the other day when i stumbled upon a heresy that i have never heard of before. Mind you, I’m not that inclined to study church history . So being unaware of this isn’t really that shocking at all. Lollardy is a anti corruption movement that predates Martin Luther. Like Martin Luther they were concerned about the corruption within catholicism. The other heresy is Sedevacantism.

Sedevacantism is the position that the current pope is illegitimate and Vatican 2 was a mistake. Vatican 2 was when the modernizing of the church began. Traditionalist catholics believe that V2 created an environment that led to indifference to religious beliefs and practices.

There are christians that aren’t happy with the state of their faith. Progressivism has made use of this social technology rather well. Religion has the power to create unity . So it’s a very useful part of the cathedral ( Academia , Media , Religion) . It’s also most likely the easiest way into the system due to the disdain for it that many progressives have.

So what i am suggesting is a pro aesthetic Nrxish form of lollardy. Beauty inspires belief in something more. Stave churches would be perfect for that. The first step in undoing the cultural revolutions of the past is to gain a strong foothold within the religious sphere. I think this would be a good way to do it for anyone that is interested in being involved in the religious community.


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