Immigration and the cultural question

The prepackaged argument against immigration is it’s affects on the economy and the working class. Even with the rise of Trump in the united states. I don’t think most are thinking about immigration outside the context of economics and safety. I know reactionaries and paleo conservatives definitely are. But they aren’t mainstream just yet.

American culture at this moment is material goods and good vibes. That sort of culture will die when a stronger culture is presented to the populace . An example of a community giving a healthy response to a foreign force is New Hampshire . The free state project libertarians have brought a culture of drugs and free love to Keene. Stop free Keene was founded as a reaction to it .

Also another thing to keep in mind is that the birth rates of the USA and UK have been dropping since the 1960’s. Because if your culture is weak and you aren’t replacing yourselves . You’re setting yourself up for replacement. Corporations and governments need a consumer base . So they will import new people to replace you. A country is more than a set of ideals. It’s an ethnic group.

Immigration is fine between similar groups and for nation with a very strong culture. Materialism can only last until a more genuine culture replaces it. One of the great mistakes of the enlightenment and the 60’s cultural revolution is it’s attacks on religion . Religion helps foster a sense of community and a moral incentive to behave for those that need it. Without this wonderful social technology the populace becomes atomized and carnal . If a new cultural group is large enough it will convert the host population. There was a time when Albania and Bosnia wasn’t mostly islamic. But that was long ago.

Birth rates from 1960 to 2014 .


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