the rise of progressivism as a cultural force and the required response

Conservatives , and traditionalists in America often lament the rise of cultural progressive doctrine and how it’s effected our society. But the cause may be something that many on the American right hold dear. The declaration of independence could be interpreted as a justification for leftist cultural norms. While the intent may not have been what we have today but the results have been the death of family values and the rise of atomized individuals.

The problem that plagues the sacred documents of our society is that they can be interpreted to mean something to one person and an entirely different thing to another . The greatest example of this is freedom of speech. Progressives believe that hateful speech is not free speech. But a conservative would most likely say that they support your right to say even if they believe you are wrong.

The problem with the phrase “all men are created equal” is that it can justify universalism which is something that the progressives believe in. Their view of equality is that people are essentially the same and can be held to the same standard. Even though some people are more capable than others. This has led to policies such as affirmative action which would be antithetical to the American way of life. If the document left less room for interpretation.

The solution to this in my opinion is a revival of tradition and order in the form of a monarchist government. Since constitutionalism is apart of America’s post revolutionary war tradition. It makes sense that our monarchy be a constitutional one. Monaco and the German empire both represent good models for the coming “Empire of America” . The monarch has a reasonable amount of power and the parliament has power as well.

Of course, we would have to convert ProgressiveOS back to TraditionOS. Which means promoting religion and traditional values. I’ve made some suggestions in Mutual aid and the Right . and Communal self sufficiency policy on how that could be done.

I believe that the American republic will inevitably end up like the Roman republic. But the question is how do we want that to happen? Through civil war or a shift in values. The coming age of empire should be looked at positively instead of with fear. The 16 territories of our nation should be represented in the empire’s senate. We should also  dedicated funds to space exploration with the intent to colonize other planets. America has not had a golden age just yet. This could be the great american century that some have dreamed of.

Monarchy is a better system than representative democracy due to the fact that a monarch has a better incentive to do good. Since the land is his and he intends to pass it down to his offspring. A human that is raised to lead is usually better than a person that is a power hungry smooth talker.

If you’re interested in taking a look at monarchism or reactionary thought in general . I do have some recommendations. If you’d like to see a case made for monarchy from a classical liberal or an anarchist point of view. Erik von Kuhnelt-Leddihn , Hans Hermann Hoppe are a good place to start for that. Joseph De Maistre , and Julius evola are reactionary thinkers that definitely deserve a look as well. Mencius moldbug and Nick land of the Neoreaction/Dark enlightenment sphere of thought are also worth a look .

If you’re interested in building a tory tradition in America then making friends with those “authoritarians of the right” is absolutely necessary. I did enjoy your article by the way. This article was partly a response to an article at “Imaginative Conservative” .



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