Your medicine has a bitter taste doesn’t it?

Oh how the tables have turned and the bitter taste is now in your mouth instead of mine. The jacobin’s latest piece laments the first successful response to the left in a long time. I assume they realize that as long as the left controls media and academia. We haven’t beat them yet. But they are right to be concerned because the long march through the institutions could be reversed.

The author argues that the constitution and the electoral college have given the people a government that they do not desire. But the people that they are referring to are city dwellers ,  illegals , and left wing ideologues . The fact that the class of people that they mocked for years has struck back is cause for revolutionary action. The rural and working poor that were concerned about immigration’s impact on jobs . Finally , found a hero in Donald J. Trump .

A concern that would’ve gotten a sympathetic ear from the left decades prior is now a reason for mockery. A scruffy uneducated redneck ranting about mexicans is the stereotype usually thrown at critics of mass immigration. The new left currently rejects what the classical left would have taken seriously. Their rage over the working class choosing a civic nationalist real estate mogul over the puppet of wall street is quite amusing.

The author continues to claim that we are a democracy and the evil right wingers are killing it. This point of view ignores that the united states was never intended to be a democracy. The many anti democratic founding father quotes and the limited franchise that this nation has prove that.

The electoral college is meant to protect smaller states and rural areas from the tyranny of the big city. By giving the smaller state a better say it makes numerical superiority less of an issue. Forcing cosmopolitan values upon smaller communities is wrong. Cities with the population of small nations can sway elections with ease .

Democracy is doom itself because the division of authority leads to chaos. Democracy is the favored system of a salesman.Since the will of the people grants legitimacy, any pimp can be your king and any whore can be queen. The salesman will give you what you want as long as you grant him power.This system is not beneficial because it attracts power hungry smooth talkers instead of righteous leaders. That is why limitations exist on this system.

The rise of the right is a result of the world you made. Either learn or just concede defeat.


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