Communal self sufficiency policy

This is a follow up on what i was talking about in Mutual aid and the Right .. There are ways to encourage a more culturally traditionalist view among a rootless community. One thing needs to be reestablished before any of the others can be done. Cooperation and a sense of loyalty to the community that you are apart of.

A government can do certain things that can encourage social cohesion. Communities across all nations have starving and poor people. The atomistic values of a person may benefit him in terms of material gain. He doesn’t really feel a need to help. So, naturally the best way to compel him is to give him the chance to virtue signal .

But in most cases this virtue signalling is about helping the unlucky of another nation. Even if there are people to support in your own homeland. There are more opportunities to get a pat on the back for helping some foreign people while ignoring your own. We do have charities and welfare programs for our people.

But it’s not as effective as it should be. A return to healthier cultural norms will have more of a positive affect on society at large. One policy that i’d recommend would be a community garden agency that is partially government owned. It would create jobs and reduce starvation in a community.

Homeless would be given free fruits and vegetables. The agency would need some way of telling who is truly homeless, of course. Others could buy the produce at a discounted or full price depending on the situation for that person.



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