Mutual aid and the Right .

Modern society has lost touch with it’s communal roots. Applying for welfare is so common partially because certain societal norms have broken down. Traditional family values , helping your neighbor , and so on . A lot of solving the problem today is done through welfare and relying on charitable organizations .

In the coming years, technology will progress to the point where a UBI may be required. But it’s important that people don’t become reliant on state aid. We need to create a culture of mutual aid in order to revive something that was lost. Mutual aid is voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit.

This is something distributists , and traditionalists already have their own version of . It really isn’t an anarchist concept because it’s existed in some way for as long as there have been humans. Even if it was i am sure that Mister Kropotkin wouldn’t mind us borrowing it.

Starving children , Homelessness , and Single motherhood would be less of an issue in society. If a more traditional mindset was still common. Someone reaching out to help a neighbor instead of asking the state for cash. It’d create less of a burden on the government and it would have a positive affect on the culture.

Republicans and the right in general should push this a little more. My next post will be on authoritarianism and large countries. That will probably be up around inauguration day. I will be posting this on blogger as well.



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