What the modern left can’t admit

The modern left has taken a big hit in 2016. At least when it comes to one aspect of their hegemony . Two successful right-populists revolts in major countries . Naturally, they are lashing out in the media and on the street. What they can’t admit is that they might be wrong .

This progressive tantrum has more to it than anger over nationalists having two victories.  The upper tier of the left is worried that they might have to reevaluate their views and see their revolutions be undone. The effects of the 60’s could get undone. If the right runs with the ball that was just passed to the them.

The sixties cultural revolution could be a prime target.In the journey to create a universalistic society the left finds itself unwittingly demanding the return of traditional norms. Usually it’s conservatives that argue for the return of traditional norms . But we’ve come to the point where even feminists are arguing for it. Though i doubt that’s their intent and it’s being done in a romance killing sort of way.

Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian are at the very least mildy correct when they are say that their is an issue with the modern male. Even though their views on the cause and their understanding of male interaction is very flawed. The idea that a certain form of entertainment turns a civilized gentleman into an unkempt brute is ludicrous. One of her complaints about gamers is that they say mean things to each other while playing. Insulting someone during a competitive FPS match is called toxic masculinity . The problem with this is that she’s taking gaming banter seriously. Gamer culture evolved out of how guys interact with each other in real life. Guys insult each other and not mean it. In the same way a girl compliments another girl when she doesn’t mean it.

What she is correct about is that there is something wrong with men’s treatment of women. But the cause is actually the erosion of pre-60s cultural norms and not a form of entertainment. I’ll give an example by using a classic song that has been criticized recently . Baby it’s cold outside has been called creepy. The guy wants her to stay but the girl says she has to go. The song is about a girl playing hard to get and a guy trying to get some. She’s worried that people will talk .

Back when this song was written it was expected that you court women and marry them before sex. Today it’s not shocking for a girl to spend the night at her boyfriend’s house. What is creepy to the modern leftist is something that really shouldn’t be. They’re trying to recreate a norm through the most absurd fashion imaginable. Consent classes and forms. It doesn’t take much to see the havoc that hookup culture has caused for society. low trust , single motherhood , and so on.

The left is at a crossroads it can admit wrong or it can double down . So that it can continue to promote utopian things that cause more issues. I’d recommend the latest episode of Social Matter’s weimerica weekly and the data distributist youtube channel . Links are provided below. I hope you enjoyed this 4 am blog post. I will be posting this on blogger as well.

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