Applying neocameralism to the voting process

I couldn’t sleep the other night. So i was listening to Nick land’s take on the dark enlightenment. One of the concepts he brought up was neocameralism . For those that don’t already know. Neocameralism is the idea of treating government like a corporation. Shareholders meet to make decisions on how the government is run.

Why not just apply a form of neocameralism to the voting process? Whether it’s in a republic or a monarchy. Shares would be earned , bought or given depending on the situation. In a republic only a shareholder can vote for representatives or run for office. The founding fathers and the roman republic could be used as a justification for a system like this. They didn’t want voting extended to the entire population. Most politically aware people are critical of mass democracy at least to some degree.

Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of an absolute monarchy. In a place like Monaco or the United Kingdom . A neocameralistic voting system could be used as a compromise. The royal family gets more power and the people still can have a say via the parliament .

I’m not entirely sure that this has been suggested yet. But if it has then i hope it gets discussed a little more. Please checkout the “how to find me” section at the top left of the page. Also follow me on wordpress. If you enjoyed this article. I also have a blog on blogger/blogspot that i will post this to at some point.


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