A different way to talk to your liberal family member about immigration

When a typical conservative debates a liberal on topics like immigration and multiculturalism. The common approach is data and a well thought out argument. Which is good but it isn’t the ideal way. After arguing with liberals enough, you will notice that they favor emotional rhetoric. This is where you can throw them off in a conversation .

Use their argumentation style against them. Accuse them of being against real diversity. Telling them that their desire to mix groups and cultures together is bigoted. Talk about how conservatives respect the right to remain different.The left from what i’ve seen is not used to the right wing arguing against them in this manner.

What the left and to some degree the right actually believe in is modernity. Modernity is the destruction of traditional life in favor of individualism and universalized standards. A belief that there is a universal solution to all problems. The end goal of modernity is to eliminate diversity and turn humanity into a gray blob.The multicultural view does not respect cultural identities of any group. It turns them into things you could buy at walmart.

A book i’d recommend to conservatives is “Manifesto for a European Renaissance” by Alain de benoist. You can find it on Amazon and it’s only 50 pages long. Please checkout the “how to find me” section at the top left of the page. Also follow me on wordpress. If you enjoyed this article. I also have a blog on blogger/blogspot that i will post this to at some point



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  1. Or be smart and cast them out. If they’re Liberals, they cannot be allowed to remain within the fold of families of better-thinking people. They need to cast out, shunned, and driven away.

    Do not suffer them to live among you!


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