Thoughts on a concept : Distributism

One of the concerns that is addressed by the presenter is that corporations are taking profits away from the community. This is an undeniable fact . Why would you go to a local clothing store when Walmart will sell you a shirt for a lower price? Though solving this issue doesn’t necessarily need a new economic system.

A few policy changes and a social campaign could solve this issue. Lowering the taxes and reduce regulations on small business in an effort to lower prices. Paying for ads to encourage people to invest in their communities.

Another thing that the presenter brought up was giving as many people control of the means of the production as possible. People are starting to do this already. People are selling art , and other products online. Some are even living solely off of that.

Distributism is a very good concept and i do believe that many economists could learn from this ideology. Though i am skeptical on how well it would work for a nation like the United States.

My understanding of Distributism is from this video alone. But i plan on learning more. 

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