Plutocrats in denial

I think it’s time that i gave my opinion on Anarcho Capitalism. Now that I’ve been out of that phase for a year or two. This is not meant to be an in depth critique of the political philosophy. Anarcho capitalists seem to be stuck in an odd situation. Where they are both left wing and extreme right at the same time .

They are left wing because of their rejection of hierarchy. But they are also extreme right because of what will naturally arise from pure meritocracy. Governments like markets were created to streamline the process of dealing with others. As a species that evolved as a group. Government was going to exist no matter what. A leader naturally rises within a community. It could be an Elder or the strongest male in the group.

A meritocracy will not last in any society. A mercantile elite will eventually take control. The most successful players will find a way to maintain their dominance. Many of them will pass the torch to their children .

Anarcho capitalism isn’t pure freedom. It’s merely a path to a plutocratic system of government. A wealthy few will be able to dictate the course of Ancapistan . People like Soros , and the Koch brothers will be the oligarchs of your new rothbardian order.

Anarcho capitalism requires a population to either be highly intelligent or have a strong in-group preference. But even then the system is unlikely to work. Humans are very conflict oriented like most animals. Having a hierarchy helps put that into check.

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