What happens now?

Donald J. Trump has secured the presidency. We achieved total victory during this campaign cycle. But the war is not over and we have plenty to do. The right needs to start making an effort to retake the culture of our nation. I gave one suggestion on how to do this in my article Why movements rise and fall . Any success that we have politically must be  accompanied by cultural change. The left will be able to undo everything , if we don’t .

Conservatives will need to form an alliance with other right wing factions. Republicans must welcome nationalists , populists , and traditionalists into the party. The Trump movement has proven that the voter base does not want neo conservatism. I talked about that a little bit in Two potential futures for the GOP .

Conservative media outlets like Fox news , and National review will need to start adopting right leaning populism or risk replacement. Bill kristol and people like him are outdated . They’ll need to be replaced. The right wing in America has a gigantic opportunity to do something great. This is your chance! Don’t screw it up.

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  1. Well said. I could not agree more. The only thing I would add, because it it my primary concern, is that emphasis should be placed upon the unification and preservation of Western Man before anything else. Biological survival is more important than the form of economics or state structure. If the present demographic trends do not go into full reverse soon, all the chatter about taxes, treaties, social security, medical care, etc, will be meaningless. And if Monarchy is the only form of government to accomplish what must be done, so be it. “To be, or not to be?” is the ultimate question


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