Review: Manifesto for a European Renaissance

In this short book, Alain de benoist presents an interesting mix of radical traditionalism and marxism. The book starts out by explaining the predicament that we find ourselves in. He argues that the key problem that we face is modernity . Modernity is the destruction of traditional life in favor of individualism and universalized standards. A belief that there is a universal solution to all problems. The end goal of modernity is to eliminate diversity and turn humanity into a gray blob. Humans are forever linked to communities. The idea that atomised individuals will coexist is pure fiction. Humans like other species evolved as a communal species. The French New Right believes that cultural identities must be preserved. Society must not become a shopping mall. Alain presents two forms of anti racism . Universalist anti racism recognizes groups belonging to the same species but their differences have less importance. By reducing the “other” to the “same” the universalist approach is incapable of respecting otherness for what it is. Differentialist anti racism recognizes differences and groups right to remain different . The French New Right believes that the two genders are different and have different roles to play. Even though some may diverge from the traditional gender roles. Due to the rise of new technologies ,we make more goods with fewer workers . Alain believes that a universal basic income policy may be required to offset this issue. He argues for a return to a community focused way of life . Over expansion and concentration create isolation and uncertainty . Communities with shared values create better social cohesion. A return to localism will eventually lead to the return of traditional family values and mutual support. I’d recommend this book and author to anyone that has a serious interest in political philosophy .

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