Why movements rise and fall


  • Good reputation and marketing
  • activism
  •  Influence within the cathedral ( Media , Academia , Religion)


One of the things that i do with this blog is point out the strategic failures of the libertarian movement . I believe i have at least 3 or 4 articles comparing it to the progressives , alt right , and the trump campaign.The major reason the liberty movement failed was because it was disorganized.  Minarchy vs Anarchy , Chicago vs Austrian , and Monogamy vs Polyamory. The movement was divided on so many issues that it was doomed from the beginning. It seems that the only thing that they could agree on was drug legalization and guns. Discussion is healthy for any movement but once it starts to create division within the ranks. Only chaos will follow. The key to success for any company is having a brand that is easily identifiable. When the customer goes to the store to buy a candy bar. You want him to buy your product. As a movement you need to be easily identifiable. You can’t have people going around saying “That’s not libertarianism!”. The uninformed viewer may lose interest after being jerked around too much. Another important thing is the movement’s reputation. People want to go where the success is. If your movement has successful people with a good reputation with their community. You will have people coming to your side. People are more likely to listen to the successful man that helps his community than they will to the fat bum chanting “taxation is theft!”. The term for this in neoreactionary circles is “passivism”.  Another thing that is important is creating a real life presence. Activism and charity are good for this. Organizing a group to help the elderly or the homeless will help boost your movement’s reputation . But don’t go out with the intention of promoting your message. The point of this activity is to create a bond between your movement and the community. If someone asks you what group you are with. Then you can tell them that you’re with the “monarchist revival” or whatever your group is.  Protesting issues outside city hall will create media buzz . Once you have the respect of your local community . Start promoting your message in public. When the news talks about your group protesting on tv . People will begin to look into your group and ideology .

The final and most important key to lasting success is having influence within the cathedral. A movement needs to have a presence in the media. Entertainment is just as important as anything else. Books , games , music , and paintings that promote your ideals in a very subtle way will lead you to the promised land. This method has worked for the left and it’s working for the alt right. Your movement also needs a presence in academia and the religious community. Filling up low level positions with professors that agree with you. Will help mold the opinions of future generations. Many students embrace liberal views after spending time in college. If you play your cards right you may be able to get them to embrace a different view. The most potent way of winning people over is through religion. Found churches that are not tax exempt and promote a conservative outlook in a very subtle manner. I would also like to suggest having a new church built. If you have the finances to do so.  You want a design that inspires people to come in and worship. So look at some images of the stave churches in Scandinavia. They are very beautiful wooden buildings.


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