Even if hillary wins, the left loses

As belief in white privilege becomes more prominent in the society as a whole. Whites will eventually lose their place on the left side of politics. Both sides of the spectrum have entered an age of identity politics. The narrative of whites being an oppressor while it is beneficial now. It will hurt them in the end.  White leftists have three paths in front of them. Some will convert to right wing views and others will go to niche leftist circles. The remaining white leftists will stay within the social justice left. The left will have various identity groups fighting for space. While the right will not have this issue. The right’s issue will be more of a battle between identitarian vs civic views. The right wing will have less of a struggle to deal with than the left . An ideological struggle can be navigated a lot easier than identity issues . There have already been signs of the left pushing out white people. Earlier this year a group stated that gay white males are not oppressed enough to be represented. Once they completely abandon them. The next group to be abandoned will be white women. So in the long term the left has screwed themselves.



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