Material carnality

Material carnality is a symptom of a society that has become rotten. The pursuits of men are no longer centered around great achievements to leave behind. The modern man lives for money and lust. The free market plays the role of the stalking butler. It is an efficient system that does exactly what the user desires. But it comes with a price. Eventually it will not promote the best of what is out there for consumers like you and i. This system that was designed to cater to your every whim. Will feed you junk food instead of a healthy meal. If the consumer desires simple entertainment then the market will grant the wish. The market will reduce it’s production of more complex means of entertainment. If it pleases the population that it serves.  The song “anaconda” by nicki minaj is a good example of this. A very simple song that glorifies sex , money , and drugs.

Note : I wrote this while being sleep deprived. I may add more or edit this later. I just felt like criticizing capitalism before trying to rest.

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