The Upstate NY separatist movement has begun contacting candidates

The secession group know as NY new energy party has begun contacting candidates . In the hopes of gaining support for their noble cause . They would like Upstate NY and NYC to be separated. new york city has a larger population than norway does. This gives them quite the hold over politics in the state of new york . The cultures of upstate NY and NYC are not the same. Upstate new york is more conservative than the big apple is. What they desire is their right to disassociate from new york city. They contacted the republican, conservative party nominee for U.S. Senate.  Wendy long is running against chuck schumer.  I wish both the new energy party and wendy long the best of luck in their endeavors . If you believe that one city shouldn’t be able to dictate the policies of an entire state. Please consider giving them support.

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  1. I just do not see the good that can come from a slicing up of the nation into smaller parts. This impulse of secession, which wants to break free from its chains, is a dangerous trend. If it is given even the slightest freedom of action, it will never be satisfied until every individual personal opinion has its own fiefdom. What is required is not a nation, or world, shattered into a thousand smaller petty states, but a Western Imperium ( perhaps even a monarchical imperium ) devoted to the survival and advancement of Western Man. On the other hand, all nations outside that Western Imperium should be encouraged to divide into as many warring states as possible.

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    1. In order for an imperium to work there needs to be a uniting ideal. Religion has historically done that rather well. You’d also have to agree on a specific sect. Eastern europe will want Orthodoxy. Western europe will be divided between protestants and catholics. Canada leans catholic and the USA leans protestant. Unifying the West for an empire would be a serious task. A return to traditional religion and cultural values needs to come back first.


  2. I agree with you on the vital importance of a uniting ideal.
    However, we have to be very careful not to view spiritual conceptions as mere tools to be used for earthly political purposes. Spiritual conceptions should be the foundation of the new social order, rather than instruments to console and manipulate the masses, so to speak. Spirit comes first, Matter second.
    Secondly, returning to the past and attempting to revive old forms of Christianity would not be a moving forward, but a thrust backward. If Christianity is to be the uniting ideal, it must be a Christianity resurrected in new forms and with fresh ideas. I believe this to be possible. On the other hand, if Christianity is to be thrown out the window as a failed and untenable world-conception, as many would prefer, than we must be very careful not to fall into base Materialism.
    The West needs to decide if it is going to look inward and recognize its own Soul, or continue to look outward and lose itself in a world gone mad.


  3. Honestly, I do not know. The ideas floating around in my mind are rather fluid, and far too often contradictory. However, as of the present moment, I certainly do tend toward an esoteric/occult world-conception… esoteric Christianity, perhaps. On the other hand, I am very concerned about the fate of European Man and his Civilization. If I am confident about anything, it is simply that there is a spiritual foundation to the Cosmos, Earth, and Man.


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