Two potential futures for the GOP

The overwhelming support for Donald trump has shown that the republican voting base wants something new . They’re no longer interested in the John mccain and Paul ryan types that are dragged out every cycle.The neo conservative ideal has lost it’s sway with the american voter.Which is a good thing for both the USA and the world. The rising ” america first” sentiment will be beneficial to global stability . The neo conservative dream of bringing democracy through war has been a failure. The united states has successfully destabilized the middle east and created a breeding ground for extremist groups. The populism of trump and the social conservatism of pence is a signal that a new era is beginning within the american right. It’s time for the GOP to embrace a new variant of conservatism . Paleo conservatism and national conservatism will be the most appealing options to the new attitude of your voter base. Paleo conservatives believe in limited government , strict immigration , tradition , and preserving western identity. They are for economic nationalism and a isolationist foreign policy . Both ideologies believe that the nuclear family plays a key role in maintaining a stable society. Paleo conservatives reject the globalist, interventionist, open borders ideals of the neo conservative. National conservatism concentrates on national interest and maintaining the ethnic identity of a nation. National conservatives are socially traditionalist . They believe in limiting immigration . Law and order is a very important part of the national conservative outlook . When it comes to economics their isn’t a consensus . Some of them are laissez faire and others prefer a mixed economy. The rise of nationalistic sentiment is the natural result of the policy blunders of the past 16 or 20 years. The destabilization of the middle east and waves of migrants are causing people to put their own first . Danger will create a higher in-group loyalty in the populace. People notice patterns and that will affect their views of other groups. This is very basic social psychology . Terror causes people to embrace values that are better for a survival situation. This is known as terror management theory. Liberal values of tolerance and oneness are immediately rejected once a population begins to fear for it’s safety. Pandora’s box is open and change is coming. To be honest it’s for the better. Careless neo conservatives and liberals made a mess. That will be cleaned up by a new faction.

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