Donald Trump’s first presidential debate

The first of many debates between clinton and trump started tonight. I’m going to be focusing on his performance for this post. Donald trump should have shrugged off her “small loan” comment as if responding to it is below him. Clinton is trying to portray a blue dog democrat while debating trump but it seems like trump is making her uncomfortable. By interrupting her when she responds to his comments on NAFTA & TTIP . Donald trump is making very good statements on having companies reinvest in the USA. Hillary continues to argue that loosening taxes on the rich does not benefit the economy. But i believe that milton friedman addressed this on the donahue show back in the 70’s . Where he said that millionaires create things that little people need like jobs and goods. It’s clearly easier for them to do these thing when they are taxed less. Donald trump brought up the email scandal. That’s a genius move on his part. Hillary gave a fairly weak response to it. He comes back with “it was done purposefully” . Donald’s comment on how companies should work like a company that is a year ahead of schedule . That is a wonderful comment that should do well with people of more of a libertarian bent. Donald brings up the need for law and order in this troubling time. Also bringing up the endorsement from the fraternal order of police. He’s being very smart thus far. Hillary brought up banning people on watchlist’s from buying a gun . But they could still buy one from outlaw bikers or cartel members. Donald brings up his NRA endorsement while stating that he agrees with hillary . Then follows that up by bringing up Hillary’s “super predator” comment about black men. Another smart move by him . He’s doing very well for someone that is supposedly inexperienced and unfit. Donald brings up that politicians only care about african americans during election time. Which is a sentiment that isn’t new. He’s portraying himself as a unifying figure with his own take on civic nationalism. Donald trump brought up his palm beach club where he had zero discrimination. Those that are concerned that he may be a racist might look positively on him for that. Trump continuing to bring up his endorsements will be only defend him against claims of being “unfit”. Bringing up the DNC and how they screwed bernie was very good. He wisely brings up his criticism of NATO and how it’s paid for. The moderator continues to push him on supporting iraq but he’s not showing signs of weakness.  Trump’s greatest weakness is running his mouth too much. He can still do his style of rhetoric but he has to pace it out better than he has. That’s something he needs to work on before the next debate. Donald has started to slip a bit toward the end . Pacing is very important in debates. Donald is ending with “We cannot police the world” and signaling against Hillary about negative ads.

My rating for his performance is 6/10. It’s good but he needs to fix his 3rd round strategy. He’s very good the first two rounds. But he’s making himself winded in the third.

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