Here’s a short piece of fiction that i wrote when i was fourteen

I used to write stories during study hall and this was one of them. It’s not that great but here it is. Please checkout the “how to find me” section at the top left of the page. Links to my twitter and tumblr can be found there. Also follow me on wordpress. If you enjoyed this post.

The air was colder than ice as I walked home from school on a gloomy friday night . My body became very tense as I passed the local graveyard . The air was very stale like an old cellar in a abandoned building. I could feel warm breath on the back of my neck , but no one was there when I turned around. The trees are bare and the town is lifeless. I continued down my path in a state of panic . I seem to be unable to control my emotions with every moment I spend trying to get home . My heart is racing and I feel like someone is following me . It feels like the wind is grabbing my arm . I’m so cold , I just need to make it home . Everything seems further away no matter how fast I run . I am having trouble breathing and my body feels like a statue . As I begin to pass out I see a woman with a cold dead stare.


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