Quick thoughts on the #NeverTrump tantrum

Do you think after 4-8 years of clinton that you will be able to bring the USA back to Reagan/Buckley style conservatism? If HRC appoints Left wing supreme court justices. Do you think that any right leaning goal will be achieved? Remember all of the repeal obamacare failures?

If you want a return to that sort of conservatism.Though i doubt NRO conservatism is viable in current times.You need to reluctantly vote trump. If hillary wins. You will NOT have your beloved small government GOP ever again. Trump winning at the very least gives reaganites a window of opportunity.

Let’s not forget that james comey admitted to the senate on cspan that HRC broke the law. Who’s worse the mean populist or hillary clinton? You can have a chance at a small govt revival or accept privilege checking for the rest of your life.

I originally posted this in response to a tumblr thread . Check it out http://zachmulcahy.tumblr.com/post/149806439094/the-supreme-court-doesnt-justify-a-vote-for-trump

Also check out my previous article about Hungary and any other post on here. If you feel like it.


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