Hungary begins preparations for Turkey-EU deal clash

Hungary is now planning to build a brand new border fence to keep refugees out. Viktor orban is doing his best to put hungary first. Which is a concept that is unfortunately lost on most modern leaders. The EU experiment undermines a nation’s security and right to freedom of association. The EU refugee policy and the freedom of movement clause is hurting nations that either cannot handle refugees. It also forces them upon communities that don’t want them. Which is something i touched on in The localist position on mass immigration . Hopefully the Donald trump and the american right wing is taking notes on what is going in europe. Also nations in southern and eastern europe should be extremely concerned about turkey becoming an EU member. Especially because of the Erdogan regime’s actions and the history of the Ottoman empire. The political landscape of the EU parliament will be very different when they join. You can find articles about people that were punished for criticizing erdogan. The political attitudes of turkey will not benefit european nations.

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  1. I would hope that one of the paramount strategic goals of a Monarch of Europe would be the reconquest of Constantinople, restoration of the Orthodox Church, and a glorious cleansing and re-dedication of Hagia Sophia to Christ.


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