(Updated) Tumblr , Marx , and Gender roles

I just thought i should share a comment i made on a tumblr post . Since it was a pretty decent response to the meme that a person posted.

The husband only has a higher status in the materialistic sense. The mother in the traditional gender role is actually doing something more important. Raising well adjusted human beings is critical to the survival of a society. But one role is not superior to the other. Both are important. The idea that the mother is in a inferior position comes from marx’s ideology. A class struggle between man and woman. They view a partnership as terrible exploitation. http://zachmulcahy.tumblr.com/post/149463293769/lhonor6813-or-daddy-works-50-hours-a-week-so 

Feminists treat gender as a class and continue to perpetuate a division between men and women. https://twitter.com/femfreq/status/594662850095755266

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  1. Good call on the Marxist origins of a cherished item of radical feminist nonsense. The idea of marital partnership as a “class struggle between man and woman” is so stupid, in fact, that it actually contradicts the rest of what Marx had to say about exploitation. Where exactly is the “exploitation” in e.g. a couple eating a meal that the woman cooked and the guy paid for, when they *both eat it*?

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    1. Notable Radfems like Anita view the two genders as classes. The male gender is the businessman and the female gender is the worker. There isn’t any genuine exploitation going on in the traditional relationship. It’s exploitation to them because the man is obtaining material success while the wife stays home. Their way of thinking is quite sad . But it’s not that surprising.


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