The localist position on mass immigration

Localism is an ideology that supports the preservation of local culture , and history . Localism is an approach to national governance that is meant to retain local autonomy instead of centralizing political power. The localist position on an issue like mass immigration would account for the positives and negatives of allowing large groups to move into the community. If the group coming in could possibly change the culture and way of life of the community. They could either restrict or completely end immigration. An example of this would be the Free State Project in New Hampshire . The goal of this organization is to get 20,000 libertarians into the area. This would change the political climate and the culture of the state. The people of NH would be able to reject them in a more localized system. Another example would be the migrant crisis . There was a swiss village that refused to take them because they don’t want their community to change. They’d rather pay the fine than allow them in. I think immigration can be a good thing as long as it is controlled . It’s important to consider how immigration policies affect local communities.

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