65 percent of white americans would support a nativist third party


According to politico, 65 percent of white america would support a nativist party . This isn’t shocking to anyone that has been paying attention. Mass immigration has been a key issue for the poorer side of white america for a very long time . Mainstream republicans and democrats have been laughing it off for years . Calling them uneducated rednecks or giving a half ass lip service to their concern. With the chaos in the european union and the overall danger in the west . It’s not just a concern of poorer whites anymore . This is something that could have been addressed and taken care of. Trump and populism are a result of the inaction of the political status quo. this won’t go away. But white americans are more likely to go for something like UKIP over the BNP . The terrorist attacks , the migrant crisis , and the mass illegal immigration from mexico is quickly changing the political landscape.


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