logical anarchy’s The alt right & SJWs post

The original article : http://www.logical-anarchy.com/2016/08/the-alt-right-are-the-rights-sjws/

I am not apart of the alt right but i am very familiar with the views of this movement. I do fit in the monarchist category though. So i figured it would be good to address some of the things you wrote. You wrote that “It’s a fascinating sub-culture of conservatism” . I won’t deny that the views of the alt right do fit within the larger conservative bubble of ideologies like traditional , paleo , and mainstream conservatism . But the alt right is not seeking to conserve anything because there is nothing left to conserve. Alt rightists want to take the train of progressivism off the tracks. They want a return to traditional values. I’m not talking about  /pol/  at the moment. Though the shitposters would probably agree that they want that as well. Your typical mainstream conservatives only want to delay progressive goals. Which they’ve been unsuccessful at by the way. Next you talk about the alt right having buzzwords like the social justice crowd does. But the libertarian anarchist movement has it’s own set of buzzwords and phrases that they like to use . Statist , Statheist , and muh roads are some examples of that . So this really isn’t something unique to these two groups. The echo meme is commonly used by the more troll oriented part of this community . Though i’d like to point out to you that not all of the alt right is obsessed with that demographic . An example of this would be Argent Templar and Data Distributist. But they have expressed dissatisfaction with the group as well . The trolls of the alt right aren’t interested in debating you . They’re just having a little fun by trying to get a reaction. The cultures of sites like 4chan , and 8chan are very influential on the strategic methods of the alt right . There are people within the extreme right that are interested in debate. I just don’t think you interact with many of them.

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  1. Hey there, Jon here the author of the article. Thanks for taking the time to respond to. “Alt-Right”, I will say, does not seem to have the same cohesive list of almost religious commandments like the left SJWs do. And you are right, lingo within a sub group is common. What interested me is the way these subgroups use their lingo. The SJWs use it to avoid honest conversation and the Alt-Right trolls do so as well. Even an “AnCap” that just calls everyone statist as a response to the real concerns of a skeptic is just as annoying as the other two groups as it falls into the same low level use of this in group lingo.

    I think some aspects, which I covered in my first post about this sub group, is the few that are serious about the Physical Removal idea as well as the nationalist and almost national socialist leanings of the a few within this subgroup.


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