Goku the Messianic Warrior

I’m sure someone has said this before and i am just forgetting it . But i’ll make a quick post about it. Goku is meant to be the messiah of earth in the series and the movies . I’m going to use the move “Cooler’s revenge” as my example for it. At the beginning of the movie he escapes in a pod to earth while his father Bardock martyrs himself by challenging frieza . Cooler comments on his own brother’s foolishness . Saying that he is so full of himself that he is not aware that someone is escaping . ” that could be king vegeta in that spacepod for all he knows” said cooler. He said something like that. Cooler first appears while goku and his pals are camping . Attacking and destroying everything that Goku holds dear . The important part of the movie that really justifies this description of Goku . Is when he’s pulling himself off the ground and revives a bird. Goku talks about how cooler is picking on the weak . I may be talking about scenes from the movie in the wrong order. I haven’t seen the movie in awhile. After cooler transforms he talks about ” how he decides who lives and who dies “. Cooler is meant to be the anti-christ character in this movie .


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