Dear Trump Voter

I assume some of you remember the talk of a brokered convention in order to stop trump . If the perfect scenario arises . I’m sure you also remember the delegates that tried to stop trump at the convention. Here’s the latest from the NeverTrump camp . They want to surrender to Hillary Clinton . The one that deleted classified documents on her private server . The hillary behind the failure that was the libya regime change . The one that got 4 americans killed at the embassy. Yes, they want you to support this woman.

You made your voice heard in the primaries. But they don’t want to respect your decision . Their plan is to endorse clinton and denounce their own parties nominee. In the hopes that the clinton administration will allow the GOP to do certain things. If they do this and it’s successful. I have a suggestion for all of you. Leave the GOP behind for a minor party . Why should you continue to support a party that rejected you?  Creating a new party is also an option.  There are plenty of options for you. Constitution party , and the reform party are the ones that are closest to the views of trump. The reform party had donald trump as a candidate briefly in 2000. The constitution party believes in social/fiscal conservatism ,  paleoconservatism , and protectionism . A faction within the GOP seems determined to undermine your decision .So i suggest you start weighing your options just in case their plan works and Hillary wins .

If a new party is formed. I think it should be like the one in this article . America needs more than a new party

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