The New York Post’s melania leak and the people spreading it around

In an age where identity is enough for the support of voters. The posting of Mrs.Trump’s modeling photos can work in the GOP’s favor . They can virtue signal against the tastelessness of the new york post. While winning over the 18-24 year old male demographic. Young men look up to successful older men because they want to emulate their behavior. Every man knows what it is like to envy the position of a man that has money and a beautiful woman by his side. This only helps the image of donald trump . With young men it’s not about respectability it’s about power and prestige . Trump has a real estate empire , a beautiful wife , and successful children . Despite of what you think of his rhetoric on the campaign trail. He appeals to young men . Of course his image isn’t their main reason for supporting him . But don’t kid yourself because it absolutely does play a factor in a young man’s judgement. The media smear campaigns only work in his favor . It’s like the old saying “Sex sells” and you’re marketing for trump . Even if that isn’t your intention.


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