Democracy is a divisive system of governance

This election cycle has been rather chaotic to say the least. The nation is more divided than ever . Holding democracy as a virtue is a fool’s choice . Democracy depends on pitting one group against another . It’s a civil war without the weapons and death to go along with it . I’m aware that the united states is a constitutional republic but it has some of the same issues as direct democracy. The masses are still manipulated and divided by whoever desires power. Wealthy people and organizations can have a huge say in politics through donations to candidates . So unless your candidate is already insanely wealthy. There is a good chance that the candidate will be serving his highest donors instead of you. Constitutions work until the political will to enforce it disappears . Forcing a church or business to do something that violates their religious views is a violation of the first amendment. This right has been violated in the name of progress. The business owner and church do not have the right of freedom of association anymore. The fourth amendment has been torn to shreds in the past 16 years . The patriot act , and usa freedom act are direct violations of the right to privacy that is secured in the fourth amendment . If the constitution was anything other than a dead letter written by great men. These laws would not have come to pass . Humans have an ingroup preference that can be taken advantage of in the path to power. Most people aren’t morally or intellectually worthy of power. A person hungry for power in a democratic system can take advantage of the ingroup vs outgroup mentality that humans have . If done right it will lead to power for the person that wants it. If done wrong it can lead to power for him and turmoil for the people . I’ll give an example . Let’s pretend that the kingdom of mercia is a representative democracy . Æthelred is the leader of the mercians first party and Alfred is the leader of the peoples party . The issue of the day is danish migration. The migrants are coming to mercia because of the famine in their lands. The danes that are currently in mercia have not assimilated and have been prone to violence . Alfred argues that more danes should be allowed in because it is the right thing to do . He follows that up by stating that once they get used to their new home. They will assimilate into our society. But Æthelred does not agree with his opponent at all . He believes that we must refuse all future danish migrants and deport the ones that are causing trouble in mercia. Pointing out that they have caused more burden than benefit to mercian society. The masses are very divided on what to do . There have been riots and protests done by both sides. Democracy has been nothing more than an auction for power since day one. Viewing it as anything else is quite foolish.

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