Economic Fusionism

On the ride home, i was thinking about different topics to keep myself occupied . One of them creating a more reactionary friendly version of austrian economics. Whether or not it’s any good is something i am not sure about . I borrowed the term “Fusionism” from Mister W.F. Buckley junior . Fusionism was the merger of social conservatism with libertarian economic views . This would follow roughly the same theme as the political philosophy i borrowed the name from. Economic Fusionism is laissez faire with cultural protection.  This version of austrian economics would adopt at least 2 of the 3 principles of the american school. The 3 core principles were to support industry , create physical and financial infrastructure. Protectionism and a type of welfarism would be permissible with this version of austrian economics. Tax incentives to encourage breeding would be an example of that. Nations with a re-population issue would use this . The market would for the most part be free to do as it pleases . But the government would be allowed to intervene in order to see to it that products are safe , local industry is thriving , and that culture is not being hurt by the latest consumerist garbage .  Modern art would be an example of something the ministry of cultural defense would not approve of . Modern art isn’t art because it has nothing to offer . It’s just pointlessness and degeneracy.

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