America needs more than a new party

The distributist review had an article about creating an american third party. The united states does need a third party but it needs something more than that. What america needs is a movement . A peaceful counter revolution to undo the current order. The libertarian party and the wider libertarian movement attempted to dethrone the progressive order but failed . I believe that the source of their failure is the fact that it was too individualistic and modern. People viewed them as edgy republicans . The libertarian movement had it’s fifteen minutes of fame. The populist phenomenon that is sweeping through western politics ended any future libertarian aspirations rather quickly. The rise of populism , and nationalism is a step in the right direction . This new political fervor can be taken advantage of by the traditional right. The american tradition is one of constitution and merit. So advocating for a constitutional monarchy similar to monaco and the germanic empire would be palatable for americans . The purpose of the party should be to educate the masses and agitate for a referendum. Similar to what UKIP did in the united kingdom. The party should definitely compete for seats within the senate and so on . But the party should have educating and promoting a referendum as it’s main goal. The party must take notes on why bernie failed and trump succeeded . I wrote a little about that in my article Bernie’s dream never had a chance  .     

Another thing this new party and movement must do is familiarize itself with the neo reaction’s passivism and the meme propaganda skills of pro trump internet trolls. A more sophisticated version of that would be quite successful on social media platforms . Spreading your message through well done memes has done a lot for the trump campaign . Even though the trump campaign has no involvement with it. Passivism is also a valuable tactic because everyone is willing to listen to an influential member of the community . Someone who is successful and in good standing with the community will always find ears that will listen to his words. This movement should market itself towards multiple political and religious groups . Hoppean libertarians , Buchananite conservatives , populists , and traditionalists. Hoppean libertarians tend to be more open to monarchy and traditional society . Having them within your ranks will be beneficial since the libertarian movement is falling back into the shadows. It may take a little while to sell monarchy to paleo conservatives but they are supportive of tradition and western identity . Traditionalists will be good to have to spread the message. But most of the ones that i encounter tend to have no interest in voting. So their role would only be to propagandize for the movement and it’s party.  I tend to agree with them about voting and democracy in general. But i think on something major like the UK’s EU referendum it is perfectly acceptable. Finally, we have the populists. The most politically passionate among these groups. Tapping into the populist fervor of the bernie and donald supporter will be valuable in the task of ending the current order . I think a balance between agrarianism and industrialism is very important to the future of our society. We should continue to advance technologically but we must look after the land as well.  Cooperatives becoming more common is something that i look forward to. It would be just another option for the people of this country. Reaching out to church communities and winning their support will be key to success in some parts of the country. Getting the support of catholics , orthodox christians , mormons , and etc will be helpful. But the movement must also reach out to pagans as well. Pagans are an underrepresented religious demographic in this country that deserve a voice. There are plenty of wiccans , druids , and other pagan traditions that may be open to what you have to say.

Something i forgot to bring up is why the constitutional monarchy of Monaco and Germany would be appealing to americans . Both of them have limits on the powers of the monarch.But they certainly are not tourist props like a monarch in a crowned republic . A leader of a nation has an impact on the culture. A strong virtuous leader will inspire his people to be like him. A weak and degenerate leader will create more weakness within the population. For those concerned with the societal impact of a president . This would be a good alternative. An american monarch should have the same amount of power as kaiser wilhelm II . For those unfamiliar with the german empire’s constitution . Just look it up on wikipedia. It lists what a monarch can and cannot do. Also look up the 10 minute video of hans hermann hoppe summarizing the argument for monarchy that he made in “democracy the god that failed” . He is very correct in stating that a democratic head of state is more likely to gamble with the nations resources than a monarch would be . A politician is only renting power while the monarch owns power. Also Monaco’s approach to taxation would be appealing to America’s right . Since they have a reputation for low taxation.

I will be reposting this here as well .



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