Ivanka’s RNC speech and the outrage of the impotent conservative

When i was on the ride home from virginia beach. I was looking through my newsfeed on tumblr and i noticed some comments about ivanka. Complaining that this is further evidence that the trump family are not right wing. At least in the american tradition of right leaning politics. I would have to agree with them . But i feel their views are within the european right populist sphere but with an american attitude .  Here’s the original post i made about it. People are still dragging the ” trump is not a conservative” dead horse that a certain political magazine dedicated an entire issue to . It’s amusing to be honest.


People are freaking out over ivanka bringing up the wage gap. Which is fine but to me it seems like they assume they’re American conservatives. When they are right wing populists. Populists tend to take influence from both sides of the spectrum. Populists tend to be ok with stuff like welfare. Which is something that is at odds with American conservatism. Another thing is that ivanka could be pandering in order to steal votes from HRC .Kind of like rand paul endorsed mitt romney over his own father. Depending on the success of Trump. The GOP will look more like a European right populist party and less like the neo conservative establishment of today. The reason American conservatism is losing influence is because it has been completely impotent for the last eight years.



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