Opinion: Democrat 2016 platform


I’ll only be be focusing on a few topics that are in the PDF file . Since there is a lot to cover and it’s past midnight.  Minimum wage , refugees , and racial justice/inequality are the things i intend to focus on. But who knows i may cover something else . I’m aware of the futility of changing their minds. But i’d like to chime in on this before bed.

The minimum wage has always been a pro corporation policy. It is not in anyway beneficial to small business owners . Wage laws tend to be barriers to entry for people that want to compete in the marketplace. With regulations , and various financial requirements that come with running a business . Raising the wage to obscene levels is a business killer. Not to mention that many of the jobs that will get the fifteen dollars an hour law are not worth that in the first place. Lowering taxes or replacing the welfare system with a UBI might be the better choice . A co-host of the podcast “seeds of liberty” once talked about all the red tape he had to deal with just to walk dogs in long island . The barriers to entry that small business people making harder for them to achieve the american dream. It may also positively affect the job market to allow small businesses to have some breathing room. I used to watch this show but i am not interested in anarchy as much as i used to be.

Here’s a post with sources that argue against the minimum wage. Against the minimum wage 

Now we get to the part that may offend some people . We should not be taking in any refugees whatsoever. We have a homelessness problem that we have to deal with and it’s disrespectful to our homeless to put them on the shelf for foreigners . A nation that cannot take care of it’s own is unfit to take care of anyone else. It is also unfit to exist once it is unable to properly serve the people that live there.

Source: https://www.usich.gov/tools-for-action/map/#fn[]=1700&fn[]=3100&fn[]=7000&fn[]=10700&fn[]=15400

Racial justice and inequality is the next topic. The new black panther party actually had a great idea for solving this problem. A black nation state . However i disagree with the amount of territory needed for this endeavor . They don’t need 5 states . Let them have two states. Louisiana and Mississippi are the only two that should be given to them. Grant them full sovereignty. They will be free from oppression and will be able to go their own way. Offer them a trade deal once their separatist movement has it’s own nation. People that identify with movements like BLM and NBPP will no longer have their chains. I’ve always been a fan of secession movements . So i think the democratic party should openly endorse the idea of giving them a nation state in the south . It would benefit the united states as well . The national debt will go down a little bit after this new nation is formed. I genuinely wish them luck in their goal of leaving the united states behind to form black communities for black people.


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