Election 2016 , Monarchy , and the American spirit

Reactionary thoughts on “Anatomy of the state”   In this book review i explain why monarchy is the superior system of governance. But i’ll do a little bit of that here as well.

Are you unhappy with the presidential picks that the main and minor parties are offering you? Are you tired of voting out  presidential administration after presidential administration ? Well there is an alternative to the system that has constantly disappointed you . Monarchy is the solution to your problems . Most of the american populace either ignores or has given up on politics due to the corrupt nature of politicians . Dissent is usually followed up by saying “we’ll vote out the bums next time!”. But the bums have a nasty habit of getting reelected . Presidential picks have an impact on the culture of a nation. This can lead to problematic results depending on who gets to be in the oval office. Obama was meant to be the unity and tolerance creator. But under his watch the united states has become more divided . One could argue that this is the natural result of multiculturalism and democracy. But that’s not the purpose of this article. Bernie sanders would’ve promoted a culture of dependence. Though any democratic leader promotes that. Hillary clinton is the banker’s candidate. It’s obvious what she is about . The american spirit has become docile thanks to the democratic process . It no longer watches the political class in the way it did a long time ago . But americans still pay close attention to private entities like corporations and churches . Whenever a company does something people don’t like. There is a response . Royal families are a private entity . The people are more likely to care about what goes on in a monarchist society. Whether it’s an absolute monarch or a constitutional monarch that isn’t just a tourist prop. People will begin to care again . The united states in it’s current form will most likely cease to exist within 50 years . With rising political and racial tensions the nation will split up eventually . There are a few options for royal families . The house of Hanover has a legitimate claim to the 13 original colonies . People like Prince william and his wife so that is an option. Though americans may prefer an american as monarch . The american monarch could marry into one of the noble houses that still exist. As a way to add legitimacy . I think a constitutional monarchy similar to the germanic empire would work perfectly for america.


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