The critical hole in racism+

The definition that’s commonly used by everyday folk is that racism is hatred solely based on skin color . But the social justice community believes it goes beyond that . Racism is privilege plus power is what they will tell you. But in a western society in the modern age even their own definition means that everyone can be racist . Since true privilege in a western society comes from money that means your favorite rapper is capable of racism . That means a politician of minority descent is capable of racism . The hole in your theory is that modern western society is somewhat meritocratic . Which means that anyone that is determined to succeed can achieve material privilege . A musician , actor , and a politicians have a platform for their views . They have the power and privilege that money affords them. When you have wealth that podium gets a lot larger . Now i am going to engage in a bit of a reducto ad absurdum which means that i am going to reduce the privilege+power argument to the most absurd levels in order to prove that it’s false . A rabbit is oppressed by a wolf . The wolf has the privilege and power because it is the bigger animal. The wolf needs to check his privilege by only eating grass and berries. The racism+ theory assumes that we live in a society where non whites cannot achieve anything.Which reduces them to the status of a peasant that will remain a peasant until he dies. Those that choose to believe in this theory will fufill their own prophecy. But at least there is someone to blame it on right?

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