Modernity is the wine glass that’s never full

Earlier on tumblr , i saw a post with a gif of alcohol being poured in a glass . It doesn’t fill up but it does keep going . The alcoholic keeps pouring liquor into his cup in order to escape something about himself . Never filling the void in his heart . Drink by drink his body degenerates . Unwillingly to accept that he may have to quit drinking and face his demons . He picks up another glass of his poison of choice . Eventually he finds himself in an alley with no money and an addiction that is driving him mad. He must quench his thirst for alcohol in someway. So he steals from the local liquor store.  This man will never know peace. Only suffering awaits him. Modernity or progressivism it doesn’t really matter what you choose to call it . Is the exact same way . Rejecting something about itself and replacing it with a vice . Acknowledging the true nature of things means that you have to admit fault . Humans are very prideful creatures. Admitting wrong and fixing problems isn’t something that everyone is willing to do .


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