Bernie’s dream never had a chance

Why you ask ? Well that’s very simple the people he claimed to represent had no interest in his message . The working class also known as the proletariat in america are against socialism. With the exception of the proles that live in more densely populated areas where left wing ideals are more likely to be entertained. Bernie’s failure comes from his inability to realize the american working class’s tendency to be more right leaning and his message only attracted college students. Higher education has historically been a Bourgeois privilege. Something that the common man did not have the luxury until recently. Thanks to public colleges and financial aid it has been opened up to everyone. But the attitudes have not disappeared . Free college , social justice , and wealth redistribution are for the most part bourgeois (middle class) interests . The working man has no use for any of that . He doesn’t care about privilege because he knows that he has none. Privilege in the working man’s mind is wealth and nothing else. He does not like socialistic policies because he knows that means his wallet will suffer. Immigration , Family , and Self defense are working class interests . Donald trump , Nigel farage , and other populists understand this. Which is why you see right wing populism rising within western nations . The left damages itself when it reacts to the working class supporting right wing populists . Calling them “uneducated” shows the elitism of the left . The left still thinks it’s the guy standing up for the downtrodden. When in reality the left is the ideology of elites and their useful idiots . The left treats the working class like a prop . You only have to look at their reaction to Donald trump and brexit to know that this is the truth. I feel this is the beginning of the end of the dominance of leftism . But we will have to see.

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