Reactionary thoughts on “Anatomy of the state”

Reactionary thoughts is going to be a new review series. I read this book months ago and never got around to making a post about it. Murray rothbard’s book is a critique of government but i feel that it could also be used as a critique of non-traditional forms of government . His book is very Amerocentric . The government has to maintain it’s legitimacy through bread and circuses . Since power comes from the will of the people this has to be done constantly . The masses are fickle and the politicians are greedy . So they offer them “free” college , healthcare , and other things . It does not matter to the politician whether or not this harms society . For the politician , everything is about gaining power . So what you’ve set up is a Machiavellian paradise for unworthy power mongers. The non-traditional government can check itself and give the impression that it has an unbiased aspect to it . The supreme court is meant to be this unbiased checker of legality. But they are not. Each of them have political allegiances and lifelong positions on the court. They are the true rulers of america. The president is just their for an illusion of choice . In Hoppe’s magnum opus “democracy the god that failed” . He explains why monarchy is superior to democracy . It’s superior because one allows men to play roulette with a nation and the other does not . A bad monarch gets overthrown . A bad politician gets another chance to be elected .

It’s worth a look if you want to buy it .

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