Communism & egalitarianism breed envy

Communism was always about envy . Treatment of workers is a legitimate concern. But communism at it’s core has always been about envy .  I know some will dislike the example i am about to use but he echoes the sentiment of anti capitalists while trying to work within the capitalist system . Bernie sanders emotional rhetoric is filled with complaints about billionaires , millionaires , and fairness . While not acknowledging the fact that fairness like perfection is a utopian concept that can never be achieved . Unless you want to go the scifi route of harrison bergeron or the borg in star trek . Humanity is a species filled with differences. Some people are intelligent and some people are dumb . Some people can run a 40k and others can not . I think you get my point . The reality of things is that we will always have winners and losers . Meritocracy is the most honest and fair system that we have. Let the worthy rise and the unworthy fall . Abolition of hierarchies will ultimately result in chaos and the rise of a new hierarchy . Humans developed this way. You cannot escape your own nature. Forced redistribution of wealth to the less fortunate while wrapped in good intentions . Only leads to a new oppressor replacing the old one . Continuing the vicious cycle of class warfare .

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. – Aristotle

Here’s an article of my explaining why communism can never be a truly stateless system .

Stateless Communism is not a thing

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